In the last year, I have really been into re-watching older TV shows. It is not new to me, but I have been seeking out more in the way of shows I have seen before over new content. Let's face it, due to COVID, the amount of new content on streaming servings of all types seems endless. 

I have discovered that I am not alone in this trend, and it is a coping mechanism. Many of us are using our favorite TV shows as ways to escape to a place where things are predictable, and since many of us go for comedies, we are looking for a laugh.  

A story on found that some of the most streamed shows were The Sopranos (while not funny, very engaging), The Office (this is on my 'to watch list I keep hearing about it), New Girl, Vampire Diaries were on the list.  

My list is heavy on the comedy; Parks and Rec, Superstore, Schitt's Creek, Grey's Anatomy, and West Wing. One side note on my list, I will skip episodes of Grey's Anatomy that I find too emotional. I keep meaning to go back to Breaking Bad, I had such a great time watching it the first time, I don't want to ruin the memory.  

Re-watching our favorite shows is comforting. We know where this is going, we know the characters, a good drama can take you away and if it's a comedy, we might even catch a joke. You can drift away from the show and come back, and you still know what is going on. 

One of the things you need to be aware of is your 'why.' Why are you escaping into this comfort zone, and what might you be avoiding? Just check in with yourself on that, and if you think you need some other tools to deal with anxiety, I will encourage you to seek out that help. Watching Friends for the 100th time will only do so much for you. 

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