A redditor from the great state of Arizona is asking why this Maine house is so inexpensive, in his opinion. Here is the link to the Reddit conversation!

Being a New Home Owner, Flipper, Renovator and "Do-it-yourselfer", I myself definitely know all about old houses now. Ehem, well not so much, but I will tell you what I have learned and one tip is that, you can't judge a book by its cover.

There is a lot that goes into furbishing, renovating, or flipping an old house. You have to take into account the year the house was built. This Maine farmhouse, listed by Tim McClary, Realty of Maine - Bangor, seen on Realtor.com, was established back in the ripe ol' year of 1900, that is 121 years ago.

Ageism in people should not exist, but it can in houses ladies and gentle-dudes. This is a turn-of-the-century farmhouse that needs to be brought back to life. During the early 1900s, the nation was growing and the average home cost $11,000, with that price rising steadily until the Great Depression hit. The materials being used were standard and for a farm, things are more complicated than for a traditional home. Time takes its toll kids. So you have to think about that.

This particular Redditor assumed this house would be at least a cool mil ($1,000,000) if sold in Arizona, however, because of the age and all of the updates that need to happen just by looking at the photos, the price in my head decreases from the redditors estimate and lands just around $159,000, which is the price they're selling it for online.

This farmhouse, located in Levant, Maine, is 1,942 square feet. That's not small.

A few very important questions to ask yourself when looking at an aged home to determine if the price it too high or low are as follows,

  • How's the roof?
  • How steady is the foundation?
  • What does the plumbing look like?
  • How old is the furnace, water system, heating system?
  • What does my chimney look like?
  • Any exterior/interior water damage?
  • Any led paint?
  • How old is the electrical work?

There's a good chance that if the house you're looking at was born before 1970, it probably has led paint and thus would need to hire a certified led paint specialty to remove it. This isn't cheap.

Adding up all of the updates and operations that need to be performed on this old beauty, quickly brings you to the realization that the price has been reduced rightfully so.

Let's continue this convo below with the gallery I have created of the entire farmhouse for you to peruse, describing what I would do in each room for renovations or updates shall we? Now, get ready and scroll!

Redditor From Arizona Wonders Why This Maine Farm Is So Inexpensive

Redditor From Arizona Wonders Why This Maine Farm Is So Inexpensive

A Redditor from the state of Arizona has commented on this Maine farm house for sale, saying it's inexpensive. What do you think? The home, listed by Tim McClary, Realty of Maine - Bangor, can be seen on Realtor.com

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