My birthday is Sunday, August 9th.

I have a birthday wish, and that is for you to do something kind. If that is not doable, I don't know...maybe you can send me cash...I will do something kind and charitable with it for you!

As for what you can do…be open to what feels right to you. It can be is something that is uplifting, positive, or even just silly fun that brings a smile.

I am not much of a big birthday party type girl, so the idea of you reading this and say ‘ya, I can do that’ make me very happy. Please do not think that has to be something that costs you money; it can be just being courteous to someone as you go into a store, a smile even if it is behind your mask…trust me, we can see your eyes smiling. Now if you want to spend some money, that is great! A donation to a non-profit or community event that touches your heart would be so wonderful. If you need a suggestion from me, I would say donate to your local food bank or Meals on Wheels.

The last few months have been a challenge for almost all of us for so many reasons. I think this will do us both some good. It feels good to be friendly, and it will feel great to know maybe I may have been the reason that act of kindness happened. THAT makes me SMILE!

So happy birthday to me…now go and be one of the good guys!

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