I am not sure why, but the last few weeks have been hard. Like, I start to cry for no apparent reason hard.

Maybe it the fact we have been doing this whole COVIC-19 thing five months, perhaps it is I am worried about what may happen with COVID-19 this fall, maybe it is my birthday this week, maybe it is the news of the world, maybe it is political news, maybe it is the fact I spent way too much time alone, maybe I have spent a little bit more money recently than I should have, maybe it is the fact that this time of the year sparks my grief of a young family member who died two years ago and whose 21st birthday is coming up in a week.

I know it is not anyone item, it is all this stuff mushed up into one big ball. I don’t enjoy this feeling at all; it makes me over-sensitive and fair warning…I can and will cry at any time.

I make an effort for self-care with daily walks thanks to ShadowDog, I eat a reasonably healthy diet, I avoid news stories in the afternoon, I try to drink enough water every day, I have started have acupuncture (which is fantastic might I add) and coming to work and seeing people I love and talking to you all are good things but…still…sadness has washed over me.

What to do? I am aware of the whys from the list above, and each one is a real reason to be feeling blue.

I will continue my self-care routine, and I have been saying yes to any invitation that has come my way recently and just knowing this will pass. I know this is just the timing of a lot landing on my heart all at once. I understand feeling my feels in OK even when they are not warm and fuzzy feels. I also know I can���t get stuck in this emotional place. If I do, that is when it is time to ask for help, which is OK too.

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