Augusta is my BIRTHDAY MONTH! I want to do a community thing for my birthday this month! SO, I have a little favor to ask you as my 'gift' would make my heart sing and soul so happy if you could do a little (or big) something to help out my friends at Bridging the Gap in Augusta.

Let's cut to the nice to one an other would be nice AND an online donation would make me very happy too! (you can donate online right here)...a check in the mail to them would make me very happy....donations of toilet paper, tampons, diapers or anything else on their list would make me SO FREAKIN' HAPPY!  Donate HERE!  :) 

Ya...big donations are great, but not every one can do that!  I can't do that!  BUT those smaller donations can add up and be VERY POWERFUL.

IF 2000 of you each gave $5...we have $10,000!
IF 1000 of you each gave $10...we have $10,000!
IF 500 of you each gave $20...we have $10,000!

Specifically, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE if we could help out the Everyday Basic Essential Hygiene Pantry.  It is EXACTLY what it sounds like...Everyday Basic Essentials is a personal and household hygiene pantry which began in 2009. It provides items important to health which are not included under the SNAP program such as toilet paper, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, tampons, and diapers. AND that stuff adds up!

I invite you to help me help them by either a cash donation or a donation of is a little more on making product donations.

Renee and Five Dollars

-1200 rolls of toilet paper
-1200 tampons or feminine pads
-1000 diapers
-275 bottles of shampoo
-275 bars of soap
-200 tubes of toothpaste
-Enough laundry soap for 800 loads

$25 - 20 Kennebec Explorer bus tickets
$50 -  66 bottles of shampoo
$100 - 4 pairs of sturdy, non-slip shoes (for individuals starting a new job)
$250 - 2080 feminine pads
$500 - sponsors 1 volunteer for 1 year in the No Person Left Behind Volunteer Program
$1000 - 10 month supply of laundry detergent
$1500 - 10,000 diapers
$2000 - 4 month supply of toilet paper
$3000 - keeps the Warming Center running for about 25 days
$5000 -  sponsors 260 hours of resource connection and support…which means a lot of folks are getting support with connecting the dots to help themselves

Bridging the Gap is a low-barrier community resource center and safe place that assists individuals seeking to become the healthiest version of themselves.  The vision of Bridging the Gap is a community in which everyone is given the opportunity to thrive and live with dignity and the core values include empowerment, inclusivity, and community engagement. Each year, over 2600 people visit at least one of the BTG services.

Addie’s Attic is a free clothing bank that began in 1998. Gently used   donated clothes and linens are sorted and arranged so that visitors can “shop”. A clean pair of shoes and socks or a professional work outfit can go a long way in making a difference.

In the winter months you will find the Augusta Warming Center under the roof of Bridging The Gap at Emmanuel Lutheran Episcopal Church at 209 Eastern Avenue in Augusta.

So thank you from this August 9th birthday girl!

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