This may be an ill-timed challenge, but what the heck. I am going to give myself a no-spend challenge for December.  I already live on a budget (sort of); this is just sort of a short-term thing to get back on track. I found that I have been spending more on myself recently to make myself feel good or feel loved…my whole treat-yo-self mentality has been in high gear.

There are no hard and fast rules for this. You just set your parameters and go. Here are my rules:

  1. Living costs will covered: rent and basic living expenses, insurances, basic car expenses. You know, the stuff that is not an option, I wish it was…that would save a TON of money.
  2. A small weekly allowance for fresh foods…no more than $15, but I would like to keep it to $10. The rest needs to come from the food I have in my pantry and freezer. If I have a little extra out of that budget, I am allowed to go get a bubble tea or some sort of ‘treat.’
  3. Spend some time and check in with ALL my financial accounts at the start of the challenge. Make sure everything is paid and up to date.  Pay off anything lingering from last month.  Put my debit card away, so it is not so easy to spend.
  4. I have needed to purchase new eyeglasses for a few months and have been lazy. This is the only major purchase I am allowing myself to make.
  5. Make a list of projects to do around the house and do them—my way of spending time instead of money.
  6. Explore new exercise alternatives that are free to me. Walking has always been my primary go-to, but as ShadowDog is now 13 years old, he not as peppy as he used to be. I don’t want to leave him behind to get a good walk for myself for a couple of reasons…walking is our ‘thing’, and I don’t like walking alone.
  7. IF there is something, I find I want to buy, I will make a note and review it at the end of the month. Odds are the feeling will have passed, and if not, I might be able to get a better deal after Christmas.

There you go…my rules for the next thirty days. I have done this before and been successful. I will keep you up to date on how I am doing.  :)

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