I have seen a number of posts on social media about more of us seeing owls. My first thought was ‘cool’…I have never seen an owl out in nature.  But then I leaned why and it made me sad.

At this time of the year they, with the naked trees, they are just easier to see.  But, they are also hungry.

NewscenterMaine even did a great story about it.  See, owls are thriving and that is creating more competition for food.  The wacky winter weather and crusty snow has created conditions where the little rodents the owls eat are able to hide…so the owls are hungry.

See, I told you it was kinda sad.

You can tell if an owl is in distress if you are able to get close and it does not fly off…chanced are the owl is just weak and hungry.

How can you help?

Easy...put some bird seed out on the snow in your back yard.  No, it’s not for the owls, but for mice.  The mice will come to eat the bird seed AND that will feed the owls.

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