Shipyard Brewing is suing a  Columbia, Missouri company over trademark infringement.

According to NECN and The Portland Press Herald, Shipyard Brewing Company is suing Logboat Brewing Company over their Shiphead beer.  They say that it infringes on Shipyard's trademark and that, since Shipyard brews several "head" beers (Pumpkinhead, Melonhead, etc), some customers could conclude that Shiphead is a Shipyard product.

Shipyard is seeking an injunction and damages from lost profits, advertising money (to correct confusion caused by Logboat's advertising), attorney fees, and court costs.

The lawsuit also focuses on Logboat's labeling.  According to the lawsuit, “Logboat’s packaging uses colors that are identical to the colors that Shipyard uses for its packaging. In addition, the logos are conceptually similar in that … the woman depicted on Logboat’s beer is wearing a schooner on her head that is highly similar to Shipyard’s federally registered and incontestable Schooner logo, hence ‘Shiphead.’ ”

Look at the pictures above and let us know what you think on our Facebook Page  Would you think Shiphead was a Shipyard beer?



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