Maybe it's genetics, or maybe it was just luck of the draw (okay, it's genetics), but all of my kids are, in relativity to others their age, short. My son Evan, who is almost 12, is the shortest kid in his entire 6th grade class. However, I was also the shortest person in my class too so no surprise there.

Our other two sons are also a little on the short side- Gavin not so much, but Dawson seems to be dropping on the 'height percentage' scale every time he has a well-baby checkup. As a matter of fact, Dawson is so short that he can't even reach the ground in his new walker that we just got for him.

This of course isn't a big indicator that he's going to be short forever- who knows, maybe he will grow another 6 feet, I don't really know. What I do know is, my wife and I are *not* tall people, so it's likely our kids won't be super-tall.

I have heard before that height can be inherited from the mother's father (basically the kids' maternal grandfather) but I don't know how accurate that is, and I was too lazy to do the research, so I'll just chuck that theory out the window. Especially since my wife's dad was well over 6-feet and these kids do not seem to be trending towards that kind of a height.

Now before you get your panties all wadded up into a tight little bundle, I of course understand that the kids have many many years of development and growth spurts ahead of them, but let's be honest, it's not likely that they're going to be drafted into the NBA. No matter there height, I will always teach my kids to love themselves just the way God made them!

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