We all know that literally nothing can replace a child in school, in person, learning from their teachers, but sometimes our treacherous Maine weather will force our schools to close.

Because of COVID and remote learning, kids have gotten used to doing school from home but don't get it twisted, remote learning is completely different from online learning, according to Maine.gov.

I have an opinion about these remote learning days.

I understand that missing school due to the weather will add more days to the end of the school year to make up but, what about the old traditional snow days?

There was nothing more exciting then having my mom come into my bedroom in the morning, wake me up and say, "No school today, it's a snow day baby!" Instant gratification and satisfaction.

Now, as Maine.gov says, remote learning can take many forms.

Some Maine schools are adopting the remote learning days. For my child, it is group video calls with the students and teacher. They then have their lessons, similar to in school and then are tasked to do their work until they move on to the next class. Remote learning is shorter then a school day.

I loved snow days as you learned above, however, I feel like we are moving into a new age. An age where technology has made things a lot easier for us all. That being said, I agree with remote learning days. I think it keeps our kids prepared and up to date on their work.

I would rather my child work inside, learn, for a few hours knowing that he won't fall back on his studies. He still plays and enjoys the snow afterwards. I believe that change is hard for all of us but we have to keep moving forward in this technological day in age.

Additionally, school has changed so much since I went to school. For example math is not the same math that I was taught. So I think remote days are beneficially to the parent as well as the student. It provides the parent/guardian with an up close and personal view of how the teacher teaches and how our kids are learning.

I take remote learning days as a benefit to my child's growth and being a part of it.

Then, we can play in the snow because God knows Maine has enough snowy days to go around!

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