Seems a little weird that air conditioner boy would be telling you to close your windows because it's too cold at night, doesn't it? Yes, I just referred to myself as 'air conditioner boy', but it's all for good reason. This past spring I had our air conditioners in before we even had our last snow storm of the season. Oops.

My point here is that if *I* of all people are reminding you to close your windows at night, you probably should. I woke up this morning to get ready for work and it was a nice normal temperature in our room, but the windows were closed. When I walked out into the kitchen I immediately knew we had gone to bed with the windows open. I opened the app on my phone that is linked to our heat zones to check the temp. Yep, it was a balmy 62 in the kitchen/upstairs living room.

After realizing it was a little brisk upstairs I knew I needed to check the temp downstairs where our family room, 2nd bathroom and kids' rooms are. Yes, the windows were open down there, too and it was a tropical 54 degrees. Beach weather! Don't worry, the kids' rooms had their windows and doors shut, so they weren't affected by the arctic conditions that the rest of the house was.

I guess my whole point here is just to pay close attention to the low temperatures at night. We're entering the part of the year where you can be outside enjoying an 80 degree sunny afternoon and then watch the temp dip 40+ degrees overnight. Besides, don't you want to win the 'who can wait the longest to turn their heat on' game? I know I do! My wife may disagree, however.

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