Earlier this year, in April, when it felt like the world was falling apart, it was announced we would not be getting any new emoji until 2022.

There is this group called the  Unicode Consortium. They are the people who approved the new emoji and their release. They made that original announcement, but they recently released the news we WILL be getting some new emoji in 2021 after all.

There are not as many as other times, but they do have some handy ones that will be handy. There is a heart on fire, a heart with a bandage around it, a face looking exhausted, and a face peeking out from some clouds. 

There are a few others, but I have to admit…I will need these.  

I do have one suggestion for the another emoji…a dumpster that is on fire! I NEED THAT ASAP!

Total side note…reading some things on the Unicode Consortium website, it appears the plural of emoji is emoji! 

More about Unicode Consortium

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