I told Evan last week that I had a surprise for him. He was pretty excited, but didn't know what it was. Yesterday I told him I would show him the surprise, so I went out to the garage and grabbed the $6 sprinkler I had just bought to water my lawn. Obviously I knew this wasn't the real surprise, but he thought it was. And even though it was nothing actually exciting (just a sprinkler) he still acted just as grateful as anything and said thank you a dozen times and that he couldn't wait to try it out.

Later that afternoon I told Evan we needed to run to Wal-Mart to pick up some hanging plant brackets (true). What he didn't know, is that this was the ACTUAL surprise. Once we got to the happiest place on earth, we met up with Keri and picked up all the garden nick nacks..nic nacs... knick knacks? How the frig do you spell nik naks? Whatever- we walked over to the bike section and started walking around. I casually told Evan to pick out any bike he wanted. "Yeah Right", he replied. No, I'm serious! You can pick out any bike you want! He was beyond thrilled.

As Evan and I were working to figure out which bike/size was best for him, Keri was pushing Gavin around the aisle on a little toddler bike with training wheels that he didn't want to get off of. Long story short- we got two bikes. Evan is super-excited to begin learning how to shift his new 18 speed this week!

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