I remember when I was a kid I always enjoyed playing my video games whenever I had the chance. Though, when we were kids, I feel like we spent a whole lot more time outdoors than kids nowadays seem to. Ah well, chock it up to a simple changing of the times or perhaps a severe failure in our ability to be good effective parents- no biggie either way, am I right?

Well, when WE were kids (here I go sounding old as hell), we didn't have all these super-fancy gaming systems with graphics that made you feel like you were actually behind the wheel of a super-car or throwing a touchdown pass at Gillette Stadium in the playoffs. No, we had Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64 and Sega Genesis. Kind of sounds like I'm bitching about it a little, but remember, no matter how good these systems get today, these kids will never know the joys of playing Duck Hunt with that stupid little dog popping out of the shrubs and shaking his head in disappointment.

Anyway, I digress. One of the things my oldest son Evan has wanted to do for a long time is build a gaming computer. Apparently the Xbox One, PS4, laptop, cellphone and Ipad just weren't cutting it anymore. Just kidding, buddy, I love you.

I'm a pretty techy guy myself, but I'm probably not the guy to step in to help build a PC from the ground up. This is where my dad (Jon James), Evan's Grandfather or as he calls him 'pipi', steps in. He's the computer guy. He's the guy that has been putting computers together since the Apple 2C came out back in the 1820's. Well, with a little help from him and Virtual Dimensions in Fairfield, this beast finally came to life.

Now, don't ask me about all the friggin' specs on this things because I'm not sure what they all are. What I CAN tell you is that is has a honkin' hard drive, ridiculous RAM, a monstrous motherboard, and gargantuan graphics. None of which I had any hand in building. Though I do plan to use this computer to put the new Microsoft Flight Simulator on it and fly around the world like a geeky toolbag.

Evan Builds a Computer


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