I only remember unfriending one person on Facebook...ever. As anyone who listens to the show knows, I like to follow public opinion on politics and make jokes (at politicians' expense) when a political figure does something unpopular or just plain dumb. Paul LePage has provided a lot of fodder for me and I remember one guy who didn't take the jokes I posted as jokes

He, literally, took me apart on my own page saying I was singling out LePage (who I, personally, like) and calling me a left-wing kook. I politely wrote "buh-bye" as a comment on his wall and deleted him. Clearly, his "ha ha reflex" couldn't see beyond his own political views. I do get frustrated when I post an obvious joke, satire, and it goes all political, but that's what happens. When I start getting yelled at for the humor, time to say "peace out hornpout!"

Although I see a lot of political stuff (serious stuff), politics isn't even one of the top 10 reasons people in a recent survey said they unfriend people.

The top reason people click "unfriend" is too much bragging. I see a lot of that. I don't unfriend people because of it though. I figure all the bragging is a sign of insecurity. I feel bad for these people. They probably need friends.

The next reason is sickening sweet updates about ones love life. Please...we're all glad you're happy...don't rub our faces in it. These people are probably new to the relationship and can't keep your hands off each other. If they're gonna post these lovey dovey comments which cause us to gag, don't hate us for laughing when it all falls apart. Wow, I got a little sadistic there, didn't I?

Other reasons include foul language in updates (why?), too many status updates, too much personal information and inappropriate comments.

What causes you or would cause you to cut ties with a Facebook friend?