Marie-Anne asked me on Thursday if I thought we should take the umbrella on the deck table down. I said, "nahhh, it's suppose to be rainy, not windy."

My first red flag should have been the storm's name...HURRICANE Arthur. The phrase, "nahhh, it's suppose to be rainy not windy" keeps playing back in my mind like an echoy voice from a horror movie.

Friday morning, long after Marie-Anne had gone to work, I glanced outside and noticed the umbrella was tilting sideways. Once in a while if a good gust comes up, it will pull free of the base and land cock-eyed on the hole at the table's center. That's exactly what it had done this time, only this time, the Lazy Susan, which little Evan loves to spin to send people condiments when we have a barbecue, looked more like a glass pie, cut in various size pieces.

Now, it's online to find a new piece to match the table or, I fear, we may be getting another table. After all, we've become quite fond of that Lazy Susan and, with a glass top table, passing heavy jars back and forth across to others constantly, is probably just asking for trouble.