It's been a couple of days now, and everyone seems to be doing about the same. The only good thing, if there is one here, is that Gavin, our youngest, doesn't seem to have it. He was doing some up-chucking for about a day, but we found out yesterday that he has an ear infection causing post-nasal drip which is causing a cough which is causing him to purge his demons. Make sense? Good!

Evan is apparently on the mend and I'm doing slightly better, but Keri... Oh poor, sweet Keri. She has it bad. She's to the point where she can't even have water without it adversely affecting her. Hopefully today is a better day and we all make a little progress.

Remember, if you're sick STAY HOME. This stuff can spread like wildfire. I know, I'm writing this from my office at the station right now, which is the opposite of the advice I just gave, but the president of the company is flying in for a visit today. Probably something I should be here for, eh?