Ticks and Lyme already make my skin crawl now we need to have more of an awareness of Powassan. It is disease that also can come from a tick bit and those infected ticks are starting to show in more of Maine.

A few years a go I met a wonderful woman. Her name was Marilyn Snow. She was the mother of a woman I adore, a grandmother, an artist and just nice person. She was bitten by a tick 2013 and a few weeks later died from Powassan.

Yes, it is rare but it is here.

Now according to a story I was reading in the Bangor Daily News two others have had the disease and survived and testing has shown that Powassen is showing up in more areas in Maine in the tick population. AND if it is the tick population is is a a concern to the humans.

I hate ticks. At best they are just gross. At worst they take those you love.

Just avoid them. You can Google it and find so much info. Here is the the CDC has to say about avoid the little blood suckers.




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