With a little help and research from my peeps over at The Top Tens, I was able to compile a top 10 list of the douchiest guy names.

Please don't take any offense, unless you happen to have one of these names, at which point, you may want to reevaluate your character attributes. In typical countdown fashion, we'll start from least douchiest to most douchiest! And no, Matt didn't make the list. I know, I'm shocked, too.

We not only listed the top 10 names, but also included some quotes of people online who had personal experience with individuals with these names. Enjoy!


10. Ryan-

"Ex boyfriend who is in the military. I spent so much money and time on seeing him and supporting him, just to have him leave me because "having a girlfriend in the military is too difficult." Guess what? A month later he is with a girl who he told me was "just a friend and looks like a man."

"I knew this kid named Ryan in middle school, he was a total spoiled brat and a complete tool."


"So true! It's like that one douche Ryan Tanka!"

9. Kevin-

"Kevin is either a nice soft kid, or an ass. I've got an uncle Kevin. He hasn't eaten a vegetable as long as he's lived and he's alcoholic. He refused to change his diet and now he's blind from diabetes"


"A friend of mine name is Kevin and he is a total ass he takes crap as if it was his"


"The only actual sociopath I've ever met was named Kevin."

8. Brody-

"Brody is a common name of college douche bags, who get drunk every weekend with beer bongs and wear their hats backwards while using the word "bro" in every sentence."


"I knew a Brody, he was in my Reception and Year 1 classes in primary school. He shat on the table."


"Brody is a douche especially if his best friends name is Skyler."

7. Paul-

"Paul plays defense like a douche. He also plays offense like a douche. As a matter of fact, now that I think about it, he does everything like a douche."


"I know a kid who's a douche named Paul he's a total smart ass and just an overall douche to others."


"My ex husband's name is Paul. He's a total douche and a loser too."

6. Blake-

"Only 2 kinds of people are named Blake: a*holes and those who will become a*holes."


"Every single Blake I've ever met has not only been a total douche but has also had everything handed to them by their parents/relatives and act life they have it worse than everyone yet somehow they're still better than everyone."

5. Chris-

"Chris- Derived from ancient celtic languages roughly translating to fat curly headed white guy who goes to prison for stealing his grandmothers crown vic"


"Every single Chris that I've met was a douche but I ended up having a crush on him anyway...sad right. but everyone falls for the "bad boy"

4. Guy-

"It's like calling a dog 'dog' - who would subject their son to a name like that?!"


"Really go over to some friends and say hi guys then guy will say hi thinking its him"


"Say what? Guy. "Yo what up guy, my name is Guy! How ya doing'"

3. Brad-

"Brad is the name of every trust fund date rapist"


"He's the guy who tries to get your girlfriend to cheat on you with him while you're in the next room."


"I knew a brad one time and he tried to "hookup" as he called it"

2. Trent-

"Worse than Richard. Trent reminds me of someone with a really expensive car that his dad got him."


"A kid named Trent liked to tell girls he thought they were ugly so he could lower their self esteem and get them to hook up with him"


"Trent sounds like someone who would own a big boat because he has a small doodle. Probably even owns a motorbike to make up for his small testicles"

1. Chad-

"I know a douchebag named Chad, he is the biggest douchebag in the world."

"He walks around with his shirt off, and at the gym he shows off to women"


"I lived with my grandparents as a child and there was a kid who lived a block away who thought he was the best at all sports but refused to play because he was "too good." He was an ass to everyone, no one liked him and no one was ever allowed in his house. His name was Chad."

Are there any, if any, names you would have added to this list? Like, Matt?





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