Mayor of Lewiston Carl Sheline reminded us all recently of a very exciting new development taking place on lower Lisbon street in Lewiston.

He posted the photo below and said, "Bon Vivant restaurant will be opening in downtown Official City of Lewiston, Maine very soon!"

Carl Sheline, Mayor of Lewiston, via Facebook
Carl Sheline, Mayor of Lewiston, via Facebook

Okay, raise your hand if you are excited! Can you see mine?

Lower Lisbon Street is bustling with new business!

According to the Sun Journal, the owners of Sonder & Dram, a favorite spot of mine, is opening another restaurant, very soon!

Remember Sonder & Dram? One of my favorite spots in downtown Lewiston? 

Well, the owners of S&D are responsible for this new spot called, Bon Vivant and it will be located at 133 Lisbon St.

According to the article, "Bon Vivant" means "someone who indulges in a luxurious lifestyle" in French.

Whatever Sonder & Dram does you know it will not disappoint!

Owner Peter Flanders, along with partner chef Michael Gosselin, describes Bon Vivant as offering new American cuisine and a delightful blend of flavors and experiences.

They described their focus will be on "fresh, local ingredients prepared with the culinary techniques we've acquired throughout our journey."

This is right in my neck of the woods and I can't wait to tell all of my girls about it. You can stop at Sonder & Dram for a unique cocktail and then conveniently head on up to Bon Vivant for a fresh seafood dish, steak, and delectable desserts.

This is a night that I am definitely ready for!

I will keep a look out for their grand opening and you will be the first to know!

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