In a post from their Facebook page, the Alfond Municipal Pool Complex has announced that they will remain closed the the 2020 season. This comes as sad news as we just talked on air about the abnormally warm summer that the Farmer's Almanaci is predicting.

As we continue to deal with the consequences of this global pandemic and the Governor's limited gathering ordinances, we find ourselves dealing with more and more cancellations, closures and postponements. The most recent victim is Waterville's largest public pool.

The Alfond Municipal Pool, located on North Street, is home from anywhere to 200-300 visitors per day in the summer. That doesn't even include the sheer number of lifeguards and staff that it takes to run the facility day to day.

We all hope that 2021 will be a little kinder to us and our communities. Let's hope this is the only time we will have to deal with closures of this magnitude here in the state of Maine.

Additionally, local families can seek solace in the fact that our campgrounds are now open. So, even though we may not be able to go to our area Central Maine public pools, we can still get outside, go on vacation and enjoy all that our beautiful state has to offer.

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