We got married back in October and have since been weighing our options on when and where to buy our first home together. Well, we may still not know where exactly, but we do know WHEN. NOW! How exciting?

Keri and I went in to Bangor Savings Bank earlier this week to meet with our awesome loan officer, Elizabeth Jean. After two and a half hours of running numbers and shooting the bull, we left with our very first approval letter- which we won't need because we've decided to pay cash.. KIDDING!

Now we're on to the next step of the process which is to start looking at houses. This was a really tough thing to dive into because Keri and I are both friends with so many incredible realtors. I.E Tony Loiko, Jill Huard and more. Having said that, we've begun working with good friend and former History teacher of ours, Lori Dube from Sprague & Curtis!

So if you see any awesome properties pop up that you think would be a great fit for this brood of mine, send them our way. We're looking in Windsor, China, Vassalboro and Whitefield.

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