Now that school has started back up so have all the extra-curricular activities that Evan does. Including, but not limited to, soccer and guitar. Thankfully Gavin, our 7 month old, doesn't do any of these things yet, so he doesn't really add to the schedule.. I mean, unless you consider having to care for and pay attention to him 24 hours a day. Then yes, he does.

ANYWAY, what I'm really getting at here is what is the busiest weekday for you during the school year? Ours is Thursday. That's where school runs up against guitar lessons which runs up against soccer practice. I love how busy Evan likes to be, and I will never discourage him from anything he wants to do- but jeez, he could have a little common courtesy and call an Uber. Does he think I'm his own personal chauffeur? Oh yeah, I am.

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