I was informed recently that I did something bad here at the radio station. Matt told me that someone contacted the radio station and filled them in on a little mishap. In reality, it is kind of a big deal.

So whenever I have events to go to, I take the Moose Caboose. It is a huge SUV and is professionally wrapped with our 92 Moose Logo. It is so fun to drive because other Mainers, traveling on the road honk, wave, and are excited to see us!

This past weekend I had a lot of events to go to. Traveled in the Moose Caboose from Augusta, to Lewiston, to Portland, to Lewiston, to Augusta, to Portland and back to Lewiston. I was visiting the Plane Pull at the Portland Jetport and The Maine Mayhem Women's Football team at the Portland Sports Complex. Suffice it to say, we here, at 92 Moose drive a lot, especially me.

In order to travel to those different places, I take the Maine Turnpike. So, of course, I am going to be paying for tolls.

Here's the deal, this is a company vehicle, so you'd assume the EZ Pass was inside of it. Sometimes it's stuck to the dash board but their have been times where it has been in the glove box. So this time, I assumed the EZ pass was in the glove box.

But, it wasn't. Because I ran every single toll and wracked up a lot of money on highway fee's.

The radio station got a phone call letting them know what I did. They weren't too pleased but hey, I don't take full blame because I was very busy.

So this is lesson I hope Matt and Cooper will learn. Next time they have to remember to have the EZ Pass inside the vehicle. As for me, I didn't need to learn anything, right ladies.

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