Has anyone been driving down Pine Street in Lewiston and noticed this humungous, larger-than-life hammer statue? Talk about random and rare but you can always count on Lewiston for being interesting!

Kayla Banton via Facebook
Kayla Banton via Facebook

This photo was originally posted by Kayla Banton in the Lewiston Rocks Facebook Group. The comments are pretty hilarious and I am unable to show you all of them because of the rated R content, but you'll get a laugh if you check them all out.

Lewiston is known for having huge signs like the neon Hopeful sign that was recently added to our city. Another Hopeful sign was also added to Augusta, you can check that out here!

With over 160 comments, this thread will certainly make you chuckle but I wanted to find out the source of why this statue is here in the first place.

Why a hammer? Is it a business, art installation, or public statement of some kind?

Some commenters are saying that this hammer is a waste of money and that the city should be spending funds on non-profits or organizations that matter more than this. Others were making jokes about drinking, if you get my meaning.

But one comment led me to believe this hammer is something more.

Someone posted the following,

I believe it's called Nailed it and represents the rebuilding of Lewiston. It's an excellent addition to Lewiston's public art!

I did some more digging and found that according to the Sun Journal, this is an initiative to show the growing art within the Tree streets of Lewiston.

The article says,

The public art projects, part of the city’s Choice Neighborhoods initiative, will add to an already hefty list of public art in Lewiston and are considered part of a larger effort to beautify and “activate” neighborhood gateways and city-owned vacant lots in the downtown.

Sun Journal

There will be more art installations and this will help to encourage the community to continue to grow on any improvements the city may need.

This specific installation on 143 Pine Street is by an artist name Josiah Glover and is called “Nailed It.”

If you notice what look like benches surrounding the hammer, they are actually nails for seating.

If you'd like to know more about this art initiative for the city we call home, check out the full article here. 

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