Recently a new sign was installed in downtown Augusta and it's very large and reads Hopeful.. I have one in my city of Lewiston and I love it.

According to the Augusta Downtown Group Facebook page, a new Hopeful sign that was recently installed on Water Street in Augusta. United Way of Kennebec Valley and several area businesses are responsibility for the installation of this.

The sign is beautifully placed with it's enormous LED lighting, it can be seen all the way from Rines Hill and Memorial Bridge!

Photo Cred: Dave Dostie Photography
Photo Cred: Dave Dostie Photography

This installation has an incredibly deep meaning and I understand the mission behind it's symbolism.

Why is hope so important? Hope is not a submissive practice in wishing on a star, it's a vital viewpoint to life. Especially when something that we want is out there and we have a very clear vision to grab it.

Hope is developing this feeling of envisioning what you want, even when times are tough. Hope can mean so much to all of us, because without it, what do we have to push us?

Having this symbolic reminder hanging right above your head in the capital city of this state is there to remind you that "Hope Comes With the Possibility of Something Better"

Having hope doesn't mean you are ignoring the challenges of life, but pushing yourself with the reminder that things will get better.

If you need to hear it or not, that sign is there to remind you to keep moving, looking to the future to become a better you and a better city as a whole.

Below is a gallery of the entire installation and lighting of the Hopeful sign taken by the wonderful, Dave Dostie Photography.

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