Imagine this. You have just finished grocery shopping on a messy, wet, and snowy day, only to realize that you've lost a $450 gift card somewhere in the parking lot.

Would you hold out hope of ever seeing it again? Honestly? I would just assume that money would never see my hands again.

Now pictures this scenario. A different person steps out of their vehicle and spots that very $450 gift card lying at their feet.

It feels like a scene straight out of a that TV show What Would You Do?.

This real-life situation happened last Wednesday at the Hannaford store in Mechanic Falls, according to the Sun Journal.

Stacy Mahonen from Poland stumbled upon the gift card right next to the receipts scattered in the parking lot.

"I picked it up, thinking that someone must have dropped it. I hoped it wasn’t for a lot of money," Stacy shared with the Sun Journal.

Upon realizing the massive value of the gift card, Stacy took it inside to customer service, hoping to return it to the owner. She ended up posting about her find on community Facebook pages for both Poland and Mechanic Falls.

The response to her post was immediate! Commenters praised Stacy for her honesty, and the story gained a lot of views online. The gift card was returned to its grateful owner within 12 hours!

For Stacy, the thought of keeping the $450 never crossed her mind.

"No way, It wasn’t mine, and obviously someone wasn’t trying to lose it."

Despite some suggesting she could have kept the windfall, Stacy remained resolute in her decision to do the right thing.

In the end, Stacy's story serves as a reminder of integrity that still exist in the human spirit.

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