According to the Sun Journal, a local optical center called Optometrics Associate in Lewiston is offering something remarkable for the children of our community.

What's that you ask that? I'll tell you.

This comes straight from the genius mind of Dr. Doug Henry. He created a program that offers prescription glasses to MaineCare-eligible children and this is reopening once again after a four-year gap, the newspaper stated.

Dr. Doug Henry's brilliant idea to provide prescription glasses to MaineCare-eligible children is making a comeback after a four-year hiatus and he told me all about it.

I am lucky enough to know Dr. Henry because I clean his office on the weekends! Dr. Henry was able to explain to me his strong passion behind this labor of love. He wants all children to get the chance to have excellent glasses.

Dr. Henry told the Sun Journal that finding an optometrist who accepts MaineCare for eye exams is not too difficult, but this center is valuable because it will help low-income families who struggle to pay for glasses.

The real problem lies in getting the actual glasses, as Henry told me.

Reimbursements from MaineCare for glasses are too low and the costs too high. This leads to many eye doctors' offices refusing to accept MaineCare for glasses.

Also, some eye offices lack an optician on staff to fit and order glasses, making it difficult to provide this service to patients.

So, Dr. Henry decided he would do this "pop-up" eyeglass center that would provide measurement.

But, where is it? One of his patients, John Orestis who is the president and co-owner of North Country Associates was able to secure a space for Dr. Henry and his team on the second floor of 179 Lisbon St. in downtown Lewiston.

Orestis acknowledged Glen Cyr, North Country's chief financial officer and building manager, for assisting in making the necessary arrangements! Everyone pulled together to make this happen and it's all for the kids.

The center is officially called, MaineCare Optical Dispensary and is open every Wednesday from 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. This is the perfect time because it's after school!

All patients under 21 years old and have MaineCare coverage, as well as an up-to-date prescription, are eligible to receive eyeglass fitting services!

Thank you to Dr. Henry and all involved for caring about the beautiful eyes of our children.

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