It is crazy to think that at this time last year I had recently graduated high school, gotten my first adult job and came to the realization that my life was going to change in ways that a teacher could never prepare me for. I was going off to college, but it was more than that. I was leaving my family and traveling over 500 miles to a school I had only briefly seen. A school that I had no reason for choosing other than it was so different from what I knew.
When considering why I choose to move to Canada, I am faced with a lot of nothing. My sister says that I followed her there. My mother said that I was making an adult decision, however, it does not feel like I did it for any of those reasons. Choosing a school was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I went back and forth for months looking over my acceptance letters and talking about it with my guidance counselor. Yet the one thing that made me choose was saying "I WANT TO GO TO X." After I said it I knew, I knew I had made my choice. Now I was left to wonder “will this make me happy?” I thought that if I could answer that question than I would know I had made the right choice; but I was wrong.
It took me nine months of asking myself that same question before I had an answer and by that time I was already done my freshman year. So, my advice to those recent graduates about “why you picked what you picked?” is that don’t rush the knowing and instead wait for the understanding. You will have nine months to decide if you made the right choice. For some, they will know the moment they arrive at the school. For others, it will take weeks before they even start to sort out their thoughts. But don’t rush it. And don’t be afraid of making the wrong choice. Because if you never make decisions, you’ll never do anything.
So, I implored you to make choices and don’t regret them because at the moment that school seemed like the right choice. And maybe you will hate your school. Perhaps you will love it. But one thing for sure is that with every decision comes a new opportunity so just decided at the moment and live in the present. Life always has a way of working out.

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