It's been one heck of a crappy year in so many different ways. And while we here at 92 Moose can't magically undo all the junk that's happened, we CAN give you up to $10,000 for listening to us! Sound good? Yeah, we thought so, too. Pay off your car, book a trip to Fiji- we don't care, we just want you to WIN!

Beginning Monday, September 28th and running through Friday, October 23rd, listen weekdays at the top of every hour from 7a-4p for a secret code word. When you hear the code word, go over to the 92 Moose App and enter the word. The more words you enter the greater your chances become at winning the grand prize of $10,000 in cash. And, just for fun, the contest will give away $1,000 twice per day, too!

So no matter how you do it, stream, radio or app, listen to 92 Moose all day while you work so that YOU can get in for your share of the cash.


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