Let me start by saying this actually isn't the first time I have had these Truly lemonades. My first experience with these incredibly refreshing bevvies (beverages) was a month of two back on the boat on a hot sunny day. But the first time I had one, they weren't mine. A friend of mine had brought some along and told me that I just had to try them and at first I wasn't super jazzed up about it.

I remember going on and on about how I had tried Truly drinks before and I just wasn't a fan of them. So naturally I figured that these new Truly lemonades would leave me feeling the same way as I had about all the other Truly flavors I had tried over the years- so, begrudgingly, I took a sip. Whoa baby were those things good!

Fast forward to yesterday and we found ourselves hanging out at my parent's house for the day with my sister and all the kiddos. If you recall (you should because it was literally yesterday) it was pretty freakin' hot out underneath the summer sun. So obviously I needed to go down to 32 General and pick up a couple bevvies for the poolside.

I entered the beer cave at 32 dead-set on finding a sixer of Sam Adams Summer Ale, though before I could lay eyes on my intended target, I saw a case of the assorted Truly lemonade flavors that I had tried on the boat weeks back. That's it, I just have to have these bad boys. A little steep at almost $20 bucks for a 12-pack, I tossed them up on the counter and headed back to the pool.

Needless to say these didn't last very long (no I didn't drink all 12!) because everyone had to try one. I mean, everyone except my sister because, ya know, she's all pregged up. Everyone that tried one loved it. So next time you're looking for a delicious adult beverage on a hot summer day, try these things out. There's like 3g of carbs per serving and only 100 calories. The flavors are original lemonade, strawberry lemonade, black cherry lemonade and mango lemonade.

Oh, believe it or not, Truly didn't pay me to write this. These were so delicious I took it upon myself to share the experience with you. I Truly mean it... < see what I did there? Happy summer'ing peeps!

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