Google is championing young creativity, and one exceptionally talented kid from Maine has most definitely caught our attention!

Each day, Google shows unique designs at the top of its logo. Have you noticed? I have and they are so cool! With that said, every year Google wants you to be a part of the creative design so they host a contest to elementary students across the nation to get a chance to show off their design on Google!

One very creative student from Levant School Maine may have a chance to feature their artwork on Google, according to WABI.

The winner of the 15th annual competition was Evelyn Hibbard, a 3rd grade student from Suzanne M. Smith Elementary School. She won with her "soccer doodle" to submit into the national competition, "Doodle for Google."

The competition highlighted the phrase, "What I am grateful for." and Evelyn decided to display her love of soccer and friends!

“I decided to doodle about soccer because I like soccer, and I have friends that help me in it,” said Hibbard, according to WABI.

The award ceremony was held in the auditorium of the school during a big assembly!

Evelyn's impressive artwork has won her state's competition, and now she needs your vote in the national competition!

As the article states, the national competition begins now where the winner takes home a $30,000 college scholarship. PLUS, a $50,000 for a technology package for her school district! Wow!

By supporting Evelyn, you can help her win. So we're all going to support Evelyn in her journey to the top by casting our votes here!

Head on over to the Google website and submit your vote for our young, talented Mainer! Voting is open now until May 25th.

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