This past Wednesday I went to Mainely Brews in Downtown Waterville for open mic night. It is hosted by Rob Burnell and I love to sing and watch the other musicians. So much so that I chat about it frequently on-air on Matt & Lizzy in The Morning.

Well, because of my excitement and the fact that I share my experiences at open-mic, I was visited by the most amazing person, recently.

I had just finished singing an acoustic cover, "Killing Me Softly" by The Fugees and as I got off stage I noticed Rob Burnell chatting with some people and pointing at me. So, of course I went over to see what was going on.

As I walked up I saw a woman and her husband and looked down to see an 11 year old spunky boy with the biggest smile on his face staring up at me. His name is Anthony, he lives in Fairfield and goes to Benton Elementary and is a super fan of our show.

Anthony grabbed my hand, kissed it like a prince charming and told me how wonderful it was to meet me. He expressed his love of our station and music in general and told me that he was listening on-air that I was going to be at Mainley Brews.

So this 11 year old remarkable and charismatic young man asked his parents to bring him to open-mic to watch and meet me.

Anthony, Lizzy & Rob
Anthony, Lizzy & Rob

This job has so many perks. The people are great, the events, and appearances are fun but the most rewarding part is being able to touch lives. Even if it's in a simple or small way. Having a microphone that reaches all Mainers and having the ability to inspire love, happiness, and dreams is the most humbling experience I've ever had.

So getting to meet Anthony was an honor to me. He showed me that you guys are affected by us, young and old.

Demographic doesn't matter, age doesn't matter, color doesn't matter, but spirit does. Getting to chance to lift your spirits each morning and share our joy is indescribable.

I was also able to call him live on-air as a treat the next morning. He was so excited!
Anthony will now be performing at open mic at Mainley Brews next Wednesday night. He is going to be singing Eric Church and I for one am not going to miss it.

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