I have been engaging in recreational Zillow talk over pillow talk for a few years. I mean, who does not love to check out homes around the corner or across the county? It turns out I am not alone.

A survey found during the pandemic, A LOT of people have perfect Zillow over sex. Yep, scrolling for the ideal home ...apparently...is a great way to escape the pandemic. I mean, people admitted to missing work deadlines due to spending time in Zillow-land. Over half admit to spending one to four hours a day on Zillow.  Refinery29 posted that 49% of those asked would choose to browse Zillow than have sex, and 41% of people said they are having less sex overall.  

I did not expect that. 

In fact, I expect to see a baby boom coming from those first few months of the pandemic when most of us were home for an extended period of time. That did not happen, and the number of births is down.  

So I have a personal question...do you Zillow?

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