David Silverman, Getty Images

I’m always a little hesitant when writing about newsy things I don’t really know a lot about. I did see that the Maine House voted 141-4 on a bill that would require food manufacturers to disclose whether the food has genetically modified organisms or GMOs for short. I don’t really know a lot about these food experiments. I knew experiments were going on in labs and that Monsanto is the king of modifying food but that's really it.

Are GMO foods worse for you than the additives used in some processed or junk foods? I really don’t know. Are GMO foods safe and we’re just messing with what Mother Nature gives? Whatever your beliefs are on this subject I think it’s important to be informed about what we put into our bodies.

Years ago we put calories, weights in sugar, fat, etc. on the sides of food boxes as "Nutritional Facts" and we’re still eating Oreos, greasy chips and fast food burgers. It’s our choice to eat healthy or not on any given day but at least we know what’s going down the pie hole.

In closing I want to say I should do some research on this subject but I want to applaud our Maine House for; a) both sides being on board on a bill and b) standing up to labs who say they will sue if these GMO labeling laws pass. So kudos go to both the (D)s and (R)s in the Maine House for recognizing the rights of the people.