A Silver Spring, Maryland couple are in hot water for letting their kids walk home from the playground one Saturday afternoon last month. The walk was about a mile and the children are 10 and 6 and 1/2. Do you think this was OK, or do you think it's worth the stink?

I know we probably are a little overly protective when it comes to our kids. It is instinctive, maybe, but how do you let them grow if they can't walk to and from the playground? I'm of two minds, I get that we want to keep our children safe, but we also need to allow them to grow and flourish on their own.

I debated whether to write this paragraph as it will sound like, "get off my lawn" speak, but I'll briefly touch on the days of my childhood. In the 70s we rode bikes WITHOUT helmets, we took the city bus to school if we lived over a measured distance and we weren't reachable at any moment by cell, but we lived and we liked it. Yes we made stupid mistakes, got hurt on occasion, but we learned life isn't always easy. If we don't let our children explore a bit then how can they learn those lessons?

Be free my children, but let me drive you there and watch you.