It has been a few years since the threat of the polar vortex chilled us to our bones, but it looks like it may finally be returning- and we want you to be ready for it.

Experts are saying that the polar vortex could be here by the end of the month and stay here with us until the end of February. This air mass is always around, it's just usually up nice and high in the sky leaving all of us down here well enough alone, but that's going to change. As the frigid air makes its way down to us it will likely bring with it frigid, sub-zero temps and a strong chance of severe winter weather.

Does anything that I just described sound fun? Of course not. Do you really want to lug your butt out to the driveway and climb into your frozen seats to drive to work? Of course you don't. That's why 92 Moose, with the help of Creative Sounds & Video in Waterville, are hooking you up with a brand new remote car starter with two remotes and 1500 feet of range... installed!

To win, you'll need to make sure you have the free 92 Moose App installed on your phone with the push alerts turned ON. Then we will send you 'alerts' to call 92 Moose for your chance to qualify. When we send the alert to call us now, be caller number nine and you will instantly be added to our qualifier list.

We will draw a winner live on the Moose Morning Show on Monday, February 1st.

Installation is included with this prize pack, however some vehicles require additional part and labor which may need to be covered by the winner. Details regarding added cost are to be determined by the prize provider, Creative Sounds & Video, Waterville, Maine.

View 92 Moose contest ruled here

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