When I first started here at 92 Moose, ehem, I meant, Matt and Lizzy in The Morning, sorry, I still have to get used to that. When I first started, I noticed that Matt had a bell on his side of the studio. He wouldn't only ring it when listeners won a contest, he also rings it when he says something cool, or when he's mad. I sometimes get to watch the bell fly through the air as he passionately hum-chucks it at the wall.

I sometimes get to ding the bell, but in order to do that I need to lean over and stretch my arm pretty far and I don't do enough arm workouts to stretch like that constantly. Not to mention, it is out of the question for me to borrow this bell to use on my side of the studio.

So when I was hunting for furniture at a storage unit, brought to you by Tom and Debbi at The Clean Estate, I came across a treasure.

It cried out to me like an angel with open arms welcoming me home. It was bright, brass, and shiny as hell. A little beat up, but aren't we all? The sound was angelic and very loud. Plus cows are awesome and when I was little I used to like the smell of manure. So it makes sense.

Lizzy via Cell
Lizzy via Cell

I came to work the next day and made him Facebook Live while I presented him with this unimaginable gift. Now, when I told him I had something for him, he thought it was going to be like a 30-year-old, unopened, pristine bottle of bourbon or something but if I found that, I would've sold it on e-bay and made a killing. Duh.

Anyway, I gave him the gift and he wasn't happy. Sometimes men aren't happy when you "out-do" them, but Matt thankfully isn't like that.

Even though he thinks the bell is annoying right now, I also believe he will learn to accept my loud cowbell just like I accept his dented silver bell.

Just call us, Ding and Dong from now on. You're welcome, Matt.

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