Okay everyone, it's raining hot dogs and that's a remix that Aretha definitely should've covered.

This is huge and apparently a lot of people are excited about it. What is "it" you ask? It's hot dogs, RED hot dogs.

When I moved to Maine at age 5ish, there were a few things that were made extremely clear to me. Lobsters are the mascot of the state, if you don't like the taste of Moxie-leave, and that if you don't know how to use a rotary- leave again.

Above all else, red hot dogs are where it's at. When I first tried one I felt like I was eating a rubber band at first but then the juicy goodness invited me into the Maine culture of eating, I haven't left since.

Because red hot dogs are so popular here, there's a festival. It's called the, Maine’s annual Red Hot Dog Festival and according to WGME it is coming back to the town of Dexter on August 13th.

The article also states that this festival is expecting to bring 5,000-7,000 people! Wow! One of the reasons why they're estimating so many is due to the talent they have secure to show up! Some of the stars of the hit TV show, Maine Cabin Masters will be there!

The festival is being sponsored by The Revitalization Committee and Maine Highlands Credit Union are sponsoring the event according to WGME.

Because of the pandemic, the festival did not happen for 2 years straight and now everyone is eager and excited to draw Mainer's back to Dexter for it's 5th year of fun, food and community.

The event will take place on August 13th, from 10:00am -7:00pm

You can visit the Red Hot Dog website for more information!

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