We celebrated my beautiful son, Bentley's 6 year old birthday this past Friday at my new home in Lewiston. Boy, was it perfect. The night was magical with about 15 or so very energetic kids making loud memories in our new house. We were breaking the house in with this party because we just bought it but I didn't realize things were actually going to break, like in pieces.

Well, thanks to Augusta's Community Resource Officer, Brad Chase, things broke. Well, something specific.

I have to share this with you because I was at a loss for words and laughed so hard that I am still laughing days later.

What you all have to realize about Officer Chase is that aside from being a good friend of mine, he is a funny person. He uses humor and connects to people with that.

As the night was going on without a hitch, the kids were playing on one side of the living room and myself and all of the adults, including Officer Brad, were on the other side of the living room. Some of us were in chairs and on the floor but, Brad was on the couch with my Mother and your Ms. Maine, Nykki Stevens in a chair next to the couch.

Now that I have the stage set, you'll have a better picture of the situation.

So I was in the kitchen and Brad had moved his body I guess. I noticed a flash in the living room. I walked in and Nykki and Brad were belly laughing. You know when something is so funny, you don't make a mouth noise but you do jiggle from your gut? That's what they were doing.

I walked in and my lamp was in Brad's hands, broken.

He moved and it broke.

It was so funny because he's such a big guy and all he did was move and my end table lamp was affected by this man. But I am lucky to have also been affected by this man in friendship and many funny memories.

Suffice it to say, it was very hard to wrangle the kids in the dark, thanks Brad.

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