The day started with energy and love in our beloved State's Capitol of Augusta yesterday, to celebrate our Nation's Independence. As all of the floats gathered at the State Capitol, the air was a buzz with excitement and joy. Matt and I arrived ready to party in the Moose Caboose with thousands of Lolly Pops and our tunes!

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

Every year it's fun to see what each City in Maine is going to do. Augusta, in my humble opinion, definitely leveled-up, compared to the other parades I have been to in other states throughout my life.

It was my first time celebrating in Augusta for their annual independence day parade. The theme of this year's celebrating was the 100th Birthday of Old Fort Western and you could tell that each person that planned and attended this years parade and day of festivities was very proud of their Capitol city and it's history.

DJ Matt James & I were riding in the Moose Caboose amongst all the other wonderful floats which including our law enforcement, cub scouts, beauty queens, Kora Shriners and many other local businesses and organizations with community members.

Once we started out on the parade route, I was hit with this remarkable neighborly love from all of you sitting on the sides, singing, dancing, yelling, and celebrating the day.

I assumed that once the parade started we would be throwing out 'some' candy to children and waving a bit, however, it was not the way I expected at all.

The parade started precisely at 10:00am and once we left the State Capitol and traveled towards Water Street, I was extremely shocked at the amount of people and energy!

If I had to guess, I'd say there were thousands of community members there. So many were dressed up in red white and blue with smiles from ear to ear. It was so important and refreshing for all of us to come together and spread happiness with each other, especially during our current climate.

We brought at least 5 dozens bags of dum dum lolly pops to throw and definitely ended up running out.

Below is a gallery of photos that Photographer, Dave Dostie took of the day!

Maine's State Capitol Celebrates Our Day of Independence With Epic Parade

Yesterday, to celebrate America's Independence our State Capitol held an incredible parade that I was lucky to be a part of.

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