After months of watching it go from an empty lot, to a fully completed building, today was the day...  Opening day for Augusta's new Rusty Lantern Market.

Like most gas station convenience stores, they have gas, snacks, soda, beer, and travel items.  You can get iced coffee, frozen lattes, and smoothies, too.  They also have a kitchen that serves up everything from specialty sandwiches to pizza to salads.  They even do breakfast - scrambled eggs, burritos, and breakfast pizza.

My daughters approve!  They had pizza and hot dogs (the red ones, of course) for dinner

Anne and Denise eating
Anne and Denise eating

Located at the corner of Riverside Drive and Rt 3 (great if you're heading to Vassalboro or Waterville), the store and gas station are open 24/7.  The kitchen hours vary depending on the day of the week.



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