For those of you that have named a baby before, and even those of you that haven't, you can imagine what a difficult process it can actually be. Each time you and your wife/husband/girlfriend etc land on a name, there are always reasons why someone doesn't like it.

You frequently associate a name choice with someone you used to know who you didn't like very much. Or, you just think a name choice is too common and overused so you decide to move on to other options. Well, we did the same thing. Name after name would be proposed and usually one of us (me) would have some silly objection.

Well, we finally made it through the process and can actually say that we have landed on a name for our soon-to-be newborn son (due July 7th). We would like to announce that his name is Dawson Jeffrey James. Finally! Feels good to know what we're going to be writing on the birth certificate when the time finally comes.

The middle name, Jeffrey, which you may notice isn't the most common spelling, is actually after my wife Keri's late uncle. His name was Jeffrey Cote, and he was one of a kind. He was the nicest guy you'd ever meet and would do anything for anyone- he'd also up and leave a family gathering without saying goodbye so he could get out of the driveway before anyone else. Basically, he was a damned hoot!

Jeff left us at Christmastime in 2015 and the world hasn't been the same since. That's why we wanted to pay tribute to one of the coolest dudes we've ever had the privilege of knowing- and that's how we got Dawson Jeffrey James.

Thankfully we won't have to go through the stress of naming another baby because this will be our last. Though if you ask my wife, she has other ideas. I jokingly (half jokingly) tell her that after this, her next baby will be with her second husband!

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