Remember the soda Surge? Well whether you do or not, it is making a comeback thanks to the voice of social media. The group calling themselves “Surge Movement,” consisting of about 128,000 members, pushed Coca-Cola to revive the drink after the soda company dumped it back in 2002.

Surge is only available in limited supply at Amazon, but who knows, it could be back at the convenience stores shelves if the movement grows.

For those who don’t know or remember, Surge was Coke’s rival to Mountain Dew.

I remember buying Surge once at Irving Mainway in Manchester. I think it was at a discounted price, like 69 cents for a 20 oz bottle or maybe 2 for $1.59. I thought it was okay but prefer my Coke, Pepsi or Mountain Dew.

The only soda I’d like to try again since I vaguely remember the taste but remember liking was New Coke. By no means did I like it better than regular Coke or Coke Classic as it was known for 20 years, but New Coke was pretty good.

Are there any defunct sodas or other drinks you remember that went away that you’d like to try again?

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