I don't think they were targeting me with this prank, but someone got me good...  REALLY good!

A week or so ago, I was on my way to my car to get my lunch, when I spotted something lying on the snow.  It was a scratch ticket.  A $100 winner!

I brought it to the station office and told the receptionist about it.  I let her know I had it in my office, because I was pretty sure someone would be in to claim it.  Because of where I found it, I assumed that it had somehow fallen out of a visitor's car.

After about a week, I figured no one was coming to get it, so I cashed it in.  Well, I tried to cash it in.  The lottery machine told me she was sorry.  I commented that I was sure it was a winner, so the clerk took a closer look at the ticket and told me why it was not a winner.

Do you see what's wrong with the ticket?

Cooper's Lotto Ticket

How about now?

Maine Lottery Scratch Ticket

I'd like to shake the hand of the person who pulled this off.   It probably breaks some federal laws...  But, great job!