It was another amazing weekend spending time with both friends and family as we celebrated our youngest son's birthday. Though Dawson doesn't actually turn one until Wednesday (6-30-2021) we celebrated his birthday over the weekend (6-27-2021) at the Windsor Town Office.

If you weren't aware, some towns(like Windsor), have function halls on the upper floor of the town office. This is the second time we have rented the space to throw a party for one of the kids, and it's such a great idea. And though it was a little toasty up there on Sunday, it was still a perfect spot to host all the people we invited. Sure, we could have done it at our house, but that's a lot of people to cram into one house. I suppose we could have done it outside.. Okay, I'm getting way off topic here.

Anyway, check out just SOME of the hundreds of photos that were snapped during Dawson's party yesterday afternoon.


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