You can thank Samsung and David Ortiz for a new rule about taking selfies with the President. The White House says, no more selfies with the President after it came out that Ortiz and Samsung had an endorsement deal. 

The piece here is less about the endorsement deal, President Obama or The White House, but more about digital pictures and social media. Do you care if what you think is a candid picture turns up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.?

For me, for the most part no because I’m always aware of the fact that it may end up online.

The depth of who knows who knows and the connections through social network is mind boggling. If a friend of yours takes a photo of you let’s say and they put it up, then their friends all see it. Do you know their friends? In many cases, the answer is no.

I do make a conscious effort not to put others’ children up on line even if they were with my kids playing, etc. The exception maybe if they’re performing at an event open to the public because the rules say that’s okay because it’s to be expected.

As for adults in my pics (aside from crowd shots) I always ask before I post because I think that’s polite.

What are your thoughts and boundaries on pictures that others take of you going onto Facebook, Twitter, etc.?