Trapper keeper, pencil box, unicorn eraser, and scrunches. Those were some of the items on my list when I was preparing for my first day of school in Maine.

I was excited but incredibly nervous. Were they going to like me? Was I going to be called on? But these are general nerves that happen to everyone heading into school for the first time.

It's 2022 now and I went into kindergarten in 1990 at Holy Cross in Lewiston. My mom was driving me to school and she was so nervous that she was speeding. She got pulled over and the police man came up to the window and my mom told him that she was a nervous mom and it was her baby's first day of kindergarten. The police officer was so nice and told my mom that I was going to do great and so was she.

She always believed that on that day, she was supposed to get pulled over in order to receive a little reminder that everything was going to be alright.

Young Lizzy
Young Lizzy

This morning was my sons first day of kindergarten. My wife, Janelle and I arrived at his school before his bus showed up to see him off. And I now officially understand what it was like for my Mom.

As we were standing outside in the rain, his entire life with us flashed before my eyes. Janelle had a mini panic attack and I tried to stay stoic for the most part.

To all of the Moms & Dads, why didn't you warn me!

Ever since becoming Bentley's legal parents Janelle and I are so excited to witness all of his milestones. Up until now, he depended on adults for everything and now, he's ready to go off on his own and start a journey that will shape his life.

The one thing that caught my eye were 3 teachers or staff standing outside welcoming the children into the school. It was a beautiful sight to see them yelling for joy as each child stepped off the bus in their new school clothes. These faculty members gave me a huge sense of relief because they understand what we feel as parents when our child leaves us.

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

So, if your child is attending a school that is similar to the way my sons works, your baby is in good hands. Each staff high fived the children, hugged them, and jumped for joy celebrating and welcoming them on their first day.

The children's faces lit up and went from unsureness to complete excitement in a split second.

That is all I want for my child. To know that when he is not with me, he is safe and happy.

So as I embark on this new challenge of raising a kindergartner, I hope you come along with me and witness my growth as a parent and a person.

No matter if its 1990 or 2022, the feeling of the first day of school doesn't change for the child or the parents. I can't wait to witness everything else and am the proudest parent.

To all of you who started school in Maine today or recently, good luck, and just understand that your parent's are just as scared and nervous as you are. More importantly, they're proud to watch you become who you were meant to be.

To you Bentley, Mommies love you today, tomorrow, and forever.

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