I almost went home with the wrong woman yesterday about 374 different times. You see, the day started out as any normal day, but it ended on kind of a funny note. It ended with me having a revelation about the way Maine women dress in cold weather. Completely the freaking same.

Yesterday evening we all piled into the Jeep to head to our friend's house for taco Monday... yes, I know, traditionally tacos should be consumed on Tuesdays. We're rebels around here. Anyway, along the way we needed to stop at the Chinaford (China Hannaford) because we were assigned to bring tomatoes and sour cream.

As we pull into Hannaford I pull up to the door and drop my wife off at the door. She tells me she'll be quick and to watch for her coming out so I can return to the front and scoop her up. I go and park the car and begin my task of waiting for her to come back out.

As I'm sitting there I know that I'm looking for a petite woman in a black jacket with black leggings and LL Bean boots to come walking back out the door. Well, I must have done some serious damage to the vehicle's transmission because of the sheer number of times I put it in drive and then immediately back into park. Every single female that walked out of the automatic doors was dressed exactly the same! It was literally like watching a pile of extras from the set of a Starbucks commercial come pouring out like a mass exodus.

Eventually I recognized my wife out of the enormous gathering of basics and was able to retrieve her as requested, thus completing my mission. We then proceeded to taco Monday, but not before I made a video to share the world. Check it out.

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