Where it is now November and many are posting on a daily basis what they're thankful for I thought jump on board, albeit a little late but I suppose better late better late than never.

Day 1: I am thankful for our three healthy babies. Dylan at 14 years old is now taller than his Mom and just wrapped up a fairly grueling high school marching band season. Almost daily practice, weekend competitions and oh yeah, classes.  Justin at 11, yesterday had his YMCA junior basketball evaluations and draft. Practices starts tonight with games every Saturday through mid February. Vikki who is now two and a half is saying more and more and learning minute to minute. She's trying to teach her dolls or "babies" how to go on the potty. She's kind of a hypocrite when it comes to potty training but still very sweet all the same.

Day 2: I am thankful for having enough food in the house. They maybe simple and very repetitive meals like spaghetti, baked bone-in chicken and beef chuck steak rotated with a few others but it feeds the family. Yes, chicken and hamburg are major staples in our house.

Day 3: Thank you for our families, mine and Lynn's, both for being there in times of need and times of joy.

Day 4: Thank you for a wonderful wife who has put up with stuff that others may not have. She keeps me grounded and out of a path of possible self-destruction. Boy I used to love to party. Maturity wins after marriage and family.